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Alan L. Weiner, Ph.D.


DrugDel Consulting LLC provides consultancy services to pharmaceutical, medical device or biotech companies, with particular focus on startup, small or mid-size firms. We work closely on a personal level with our customers to provide specific and targeted solutions to meet their needs. In addition to our in-house expertise, if required we can call upon an extended network of experts to assure complete quality of service.

Service Terms

We have very flexible terms and charging models. Projects are generally charged at a standard hourly or daily rate, however we are open to prearranged fees on a fixed basis, either by total project or defined timelines for achievement of goals. Additional fees for travel expenses or pass-through costs such as time on informational databases may apply.

For each project, clear targets and deadlines are agreed to with the client at the outset with subsequent status updates set per mutual agreement. We offer you the option to utilize our confidentiality and consulting agreement but we are open to working with yours.

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