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Alan L. Weiner, Ph.D.

Invited Speaker and Lectures

2013 Sustained Delivery to the Back of the Eye/Refillable Devices AAPS Workshop, A New Vision for the Eye: Unmet Ocular Drug Delivery Needs San Antonio, TX
2012 Moderator, Nanotechnology for Diagnosis and Treatment of Posterior Eye Diseases Drug and Gene Delivery to the Back of the Eye: From Bench to Bedside, ARVO Summer Research Conference 2012 Aurora, CO
2006 New Drug Delivery Systems for the Anterior and Posterior Segment ARVO Annual Meeting Symposium Ocular Drug Delivery for Glaucoma Fort Lauderdale, FL
2006 Posterior Ocular Diseases: Drug Delivery Systems and Regulatory Hurdles AAPS Workshop, Applications of Drug Delivery Technology to Posterior Ocular Diseases Fort Lauderdale, FL
2005 Ophthalmic Drug Delivery Technologies IEEE Metrocon Arlington, TX
2005 Development of Drug Delivery Systems in Ophthalmology The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, Resident Rounds Visiting Professor New York, NY
2005 Developing Ophthalmic Drug Delivery Systems-Challenges and Progress Ophthalmic Laser Society New York, NY
2004 Systems for delivery of drug to the posterior segment Retinal and Choroidal Angiogenesis Symposium, Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN
2004 Future Concepts and Modalities for Ocular Drug Delivery Glaucoma Think Tank, Glaucoma Foundation New York, NY
2000 Commercialization of Liposomes and Recent Applications in Photodynamic Therapy University of North Texas Health Science Center Seminars Fort Worth, TX
1996 Design of Liposomes for Protein Delivery Controlled Release Society Workshop on Peptide/Protein Controlled Release Delivery Baltimore, MD
1993 Ocular Drug Delivery Systems 7th American Cyanamid Controlled Release Technology Workshop Princeton, NJ
1992 Sustained Drug Release Device for Long Term Ocular Delivery Innovative Drug Delivery, Institute for International Research New York, NY
1991 Ocular Drug Delivery Systems: Challenges and Opportunities AAPS Midwest Regional Meeting Chicago, IL
1990 Lipid Based Drug Delivery Systems: Pharmaceutical Progress International Biotech Expo & Scientific Conference, Int. Biotech. Suppl. Assn San Francisco, CA
1990 Pharmaceutical Issues in the Co-Formulation of Lipids and Peptides Biopharm Conference San Francisco, CA
1990 Scale up Processes for Liposomes as Controlled Release Systems CRS Workshop: Scale Up Process for the Manufacture of Controlled Release Systems Reno, NV
1989 Lipids and Liposomes in Peptide Delivery Protein Drug Delivery Systems Seminar, Technology Management Group Boston, MA
1988 Commercial Uses of Liposomes as Pharmaceuticals Drug Delivery Systems Symposium, Institute for International Research San Francisco, CA
1987 Liposomes: Scanning EM as a Tool in Pharmaceutical Research and Development Pharm Tech Conference East Rutherford, NJ
1986 Therapeutic Applications of Liposomes 3rd Liposome Conference Princeton, NJ
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